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 My Ogame tactic [Part 1]

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PostSubject: My Ogame tactic [Part 1]   Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:01 pm

So i finally decided to publish my ogame tactic from 2006.
So here it is. This is only part 1 of full tutorial

First of all i would like to say this post has been written in 2006 and now translated to english.
This tutorial will cover almost anything regarding ogame tactics. So lets see what will we cover :

Universal tactic
Starting ogame

so lets start>>

Part One > Colonization....

So you decided to colonize. When you are going to colonize planet this might be useful for you.

Position 1: average: 64, 60% 48 - 80 fields
Position 2: average: 68, 60% 53 - 83 fields
Position 3: average: 73, 60% 54 - 82 fields
Position 4: average: 173, 60% 108 - 238 fields
Position 5: average: 167, 60% 95 - 239 fields
Position 6: average: 155, 60% 82 - 228 fields
Position 7: average: 144, 60% 116 - 173 fields
Position 8: average: 150, 60% 123 - 177 fields
Position 9: average: 159, 60% 129 - 188 fields
Position 10: average: 101, 60% 79 - 122 fields
Position 11: average: 98, 60% 81 - 116 fields
Position 12: average: 105, 60% 85 - 129 fields
Position 13: average: 110, 60% 60 - 160 fields
Position 14: average: 84, 60% 42 - 126 fields
Position 15: average: 101, 60% 54 - 149 fields

When you colonize for the first time, make colony in your own solar system (For better development of your homeplanet and ability to do FS )
Make 2 colonies in your own solar system (maybe 3 if you are gonna be miner or turtle) but most important is not to have more colonies in your galaxy.
And if you are going to make more colonies in same galaxy make them far from you, so you can get your influence everywhere

Long-term (when you will have 500k points) it will be very efficient to have 7 stable planets, every of those with own moon in own galaxy.
And what about those 2 more i can make?? Well those 2 colonies are mobile and you keep your fleet on them
Keep them in same system or close to each other for cheeper FS

Size of planets (what to keep) :

First colony should be in same system on slots 4-6 if possible
For first time keep it no matter how big is it, because you payed too much for colonization ship.
For Second time you can be little harsh on yourself, dont keep it if it is smaller than 110 fields
For all others, well now you can afford to keep only 200+ fields. Of course you dont have to destroy 198 not even 180 but the thing is :
Colonization ship is cheaper than Terraformer !!

smallest colony i ever heard had 11 fields and it was on position 5 !! so anything can happen
largest colony i ever head had 319 fields Very Happy

Part Two >> Ships :

1) Cargo and Recyclers
Transporters are used for few things, but main is for resource stealing
Other uses: slowing fleet (when you have phalanx attack and FS), trading and RS

Large Cargo - LC - They are good for trading and early raids because of their capacity and many points of structure
Small Cargo - SC - They are useful when you research Impulse Drive 5 because they become very fast than. They are also used as CF because not one ship (except RiP) have RapidFire against them.
Recyclers - RC - They are one of most useable ships in game
They are only ships that can recycle debris fields. It is smart to send them 2-4 second after attack so you dont loose your df. in my opinion on 3 BS have 1 recycler

2) CF (Cannon Fodder) :
Light Fighters - LF - They are the best CF. 14 of them with 100% accuracy destroys 1 battleship (and they are cheaper) They are used to take shots of enemy's fleet while your main fleet (BattleShips) survive and destroys enemies. Their main flaw is that Cruisers have RapidFire against them and all ships stronger than HF destroys them in one shot.
Heavy Fighters - HF - They are also good CF as nobody have rapidfire against them (of course except RiP ) and they have chance to survive shot of one BS. Their main flaw is their's crystal cost.
Small Cargoes - SC - already explained up.
Espionage Probes - EP - They are best CF against defense because no defense have rapidfire against them, and later they are useful for heavy attacks

3) Cruisers and why do we love them
Cruiser - CR - They are great ship for offense and defense
It is the fastest ship in game and you can use it for many things: to send them before attack to clear LF and part of RL and LL , to destroy enemy's CF and for the defense because they give defense what they critically need, rapidfire against EP.
Only flaws of cruisers are those that they are expensive in deut and that BS
destroys them very easy.

4) Battleship
Battleship - BS - It is the best ship in game. Massive damage, good shield, lot of structure points, high speed, capacity and balanced price (2:1) makes them most optimal ship in game.
Only flaws of BS are that they spend lot of deut and they are lack of rapidfire

5) Bombers vs IPM
Bombers - BM - Bombers are nice ship which is mostly not efficient...for same price of them and some other war ship that war ship will win. And also they have small speed (until you research Hyperspace 8 when they become same speed as Destroyers) and it is hard to research all technologies to get to them.
But they are useful against defenses which use lot of CF (RL, LL, HL, IC) and have lot of ABM.
They are also useful for moon defenses since moon cannot be nuked and IPM have limited range (2x level of impulse - 1 = number of solar system on both sides of silo ).
The best thing for moon bunkers will be mixture of BS, BM, EP and DS

6) Destroyers
Destroyers - DS - They are one of not efficient ships only because high price. They are only good against RiPs because Rips only have rapidfire 5 on them. They are good to be sent with BS because massive damage as they are able to destroy most of small ships in one shot, with enough high tech they can even destroy cruisers from first shot. They are very resistant
and survives lot of damage. When sent with BS ratio is 20 BS : 1 DS
Main uses :
-fight versus RiPs
-fight when you have stronger fleet so you are aiming on 0 loses
-in combination with BS for defense attack (they survive plasma turret shot)
-for setting up phalanx attack (gives you new speeds)

7) Deathstar aka RiP
Deathstars - RiP - Rip is strongest and slowest ship in game
Their main uses are:
-Guarding a planet/moon (excellent for turtles )
-destroying a moon

When destroying a moon it is good to know few things:

Chance to destroy moon : (100 - (square root of moon radius))*(square root of number of RiPs)
Chance that graviton wave reflects and destroys all fleet that came to destroy a moon is :
(square root of moon radius)/2

8.) Colonization ships
I didnt really wanted to include them in this but one thing is sure:
Colony ships are cheaper than Terraformer !!

If you gonna keep planets less than 130 fields DON'T
If you are going to be playing really long keep only 220+

9) Generally about ships of ogame

Mostly most efficient fleet is:
-BattleShips - base of fleet
-Light Fighters - and lots of them
- something else for special cases (cruisers,bombers,destroyers)

Remember: There is no best and universal fleet
There is only best fleet against other configuration of fleet

That would be it for part two, next is defense and bunkers

Part Three >>> Defense and Bunkers

So we got to defense. Well defense is a strange thing like most of game features. But if is useful in some way...
You should always keep few LF and few LL to stop massive espionage.
But remember one thing:
Resources invested in defense you will lose. Your defense will never give you resources nor can you move it to other planet.

1) Why build defense ??
Defense is useful to make because it is cheap (best example - 8 LL destroy 1 BS and they cost much less) and when someone destroys it, it doest goes to DF and part is being regenerated. It is always good to keep little defense on planet to stop ppl from massive espionage and stop people from farming you with cargoes while you have your fleet in FS.
Most of people doesn't like to attack on defense becouse there is no debris but if you make someone do it, there is no defense that isnt gonna fall.

At least on each IPM you have make one ABM.

2) When and why raise a bunker ??
Mostly, never! On moon every piece of defense is good while on planet no!

now the interesting part
3) Which defense to use and how to make good defense ??
There are 3 parts of defense:
-Cannon Fodder - Rocketlaunchers, light laser, heavy laser, ion cannon
-Big Guns - Gauss and Plasma turrets
-Shield Domes

Best CF is surely Light Laser - LL, its not just good CF it even does good damage. It is surely most efficient defensive unit. Make RL out of metal spare,make Heavy Lasers too but in small ratio, they arent very good at damage but with high enough resources they can oneshot LF SC. Many people are suspicious about Ion Cannons and they got reason. Damage they do is really low but (there is always but) they are only CF to resist Battleship attack. usually only them and domes survive to 6th round, make them but do not overestimate them.

Gauss cannon is expensive and for the same price you could make many LL but there are good for some reasons. They can oneshot cruisers and all lower ships. And one more important thing is that none except rip have rapidfire against them. that is very important for 3 destroyers of defense (cr, bm and ds)
Plasma cannon is strongest defensive unit and not so efficient for itself but if you use it smart its very powerful. That is only thing in whole game that nothing have rapidfire against (yes not even RIP). Also destroys cruisers from first and with high tech battleships from first too, usually second. If you have lot of CF there are powerful defense.

Domes make that difference between lose and draw (with ion cannons but in much larger scale)
Domes are MUST HAVE if you have at least 20 units of defense on planet
small on 20-40 and 40+ is large one.
Large Dome is one of best defensive units. LF cannot destroy it itself.

4) What ratio to build defenses ???
At start i must tell you that there is no ideal ratio for defense, and if someone discovered he didnt share it with other players

Ratios should be like 100:40:10:4-6
(100 cf best will be 100 LL , 40 heavy lasers And ion cannons, 10 gauss and 4-6 plasma cannons )

This setup would be best for starting and it is good till late in game:
-60 Rocket launchers
-80 Light laser
-15 Heavy lasers
-5 Gauss
-10 Ion cannons
-Small shield dome
-Large shield dome

this defense costs 510k metal, 265k crystal i 10k deut so like 13 BS
wins against 25 - 26 BS
holds draw against 46 BS (100%) to 56 (15%) BS
in attack must come at least 90 BS to destroy you without losses but even than isnt 100% chance that will happen
that means if you make this kind of defense nobody will farm you for resources gathered over night

This is a advanced defense that will surely keep your solar satellites working

-100 rocket launchers
-250 light laser
-25 heavy lasers
-15 ion cannon
-15 gauss cannon
-10 plasma cannon
-Small Shield Dome
-Large shield dome

this defense costs 1.6M metal, 1M crystal and 330k deut same as like 35BS
wins against 80 BS
holds draw against 135 BS (100%) to 155 BS (19%)
in attack must come at least 300 BS for 0 losses (even then isnt 100% for 0 losses) at least 5-10 BS will be destroyed (because plasma) even when there are 2k or more
after you do FS and RS this defense will keep enemies away from your overnight resources and solar satellites.

5) Conclusion
On planet you can make defense only not to be efficient for regular attacks - those who can pass your defense will not attack you because resources you have will be change for them, and those who would like your resources are too weak to pass defense.
On moon, its different thing to do. if you get large moon and get shipyard to 10+ building a bunker is a good thing to do. But be warned, when you start building defense someone can crush it.

And never make tons of defense.
Defense can be crushed and someone will do it.

end of part 3 next is ultimate tactic for ogame

Part 4 >>>> Ultimate tactic
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My Ogame tactic [Part 1]
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