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 how to use gtool

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PostSubject: how to use gtool   Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:34 am

GalaxyTool- How Does it Work?

1. How to use Galatool:

1.1: The Overview:
The overview shows a brief description of all the info inside the database, also is screen you see when you first log on, similar to your account. This is the picutre shown above.

1.2: Search in Database:

1.2.1: Basic Search:

Allows you to search all entered data for users/alliances. Users allows you to show all planets by user, and alliance can show all members in the alliance. The Flowers bring up advanced search options

1.2.2: Advanced Rank Search

Allows you to set a coordinate search range for planets/reports, also limiting ranks and time of upload.

1.2.3: Search for Moons, etc

Can search for Moons, open slots, planets that have esp reports tied to them, etc. Also can set it to ignore planets of players you are allied with, etc.

1.2.4: Order your results

Refine how you want your search results displayed

1.3: Search in Notices

You can add a few notes to reports, aka Lots of Battleships, etc. Search for little notes like those.

1.4: Search in Reports

Must modify each field you want to search for, example 100.000 metal and 100 cruisers will search for all reports with at least 100.000 metal and 100 cruisers
If you enter a negative number, ex. -100 cruisers, then it will search for all reports that contain maximum 100 cruisers.
You can search by playername or by alliance name (search for all reports from warring alliances), also can search by coordinate range
Can toggle time on/off, results show time of report so you know how old it is

Extended search results can be shown:

Clicking columns will re-order results
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PostSubject: Re: how to use gtool   Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:35 am

1.5: View Galaxy
Similar to viewing galaxy ingame. Hovering over a player's name will show all of their known stats (Fleet, Research, Points), same with alliances
Hovering over moons, you can calculate the RIP destroy chance
If there is a report for the planet, the button looks like , if there is no report, it looks like . If you hover your cursor over the report button, you will see the details of the report.
If there is a note for the planet, the button looks like , if there is no note, it looks like . Once again, hovering over the button views the note

1.6: View Statistics
Same as viewing ingame stats, as long as you keep them updated. Can set it to show allies/enemies/NAPs/etc.

1.7: Historical Overview

Can search for a progression in ranks/alliances for players/alliances

1.8: Insert in Database

Manually insert reports/galaxy view into database

1.8.1: Inserting Reports:

Copy and paste the entire espionage report into the field. DO NOT enter multiple reports at once if you have Gtool version 3.2 or lower.

1.8.2: Inserting Galaxy View
While in galaxy view, you MUST hit Ctrl + a then Ctrl + c to select all and copy. Then paste into the input field, and it will read it in.

1.9: Status of Database

See what systems have been entered in each galaxy, and how old they are. Very useful to see how active your alliance has been in using the tool

1.10: Information

Brief overview of how much info is in the database

1.11: Shoutbox

Can leave messages for other members in the alliance, similar to circular messages

1.12: Usernumbers

Shows who is currently logged on, who has logged on today, and total number of logins.

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PostSubject: Re: how to use gtool   Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:46 am

Is this similar to gamestats? Can it be used for any universe?
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PostSubject: Re: how to use gtool   Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:37 am

It has some similarity to gamestats, BUT gamestats does not show planet details which are discovered from probing. In gtool these details are saved as well. So you have ships, defenses techs everything. The user base is smaller of course as this tool is designed to be used by an alliance and info from it is not meant to go outside the alliance.

You can get your own gtool going for any universe and even for yourself personally. All it does is save everything the users look at.
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PostSubject: Re: how to use gtool   

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how to use gtool
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