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 Account Exchange

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PostSubject: Account Exchange   Wed May 20, 2009 2:33 pm

OK first the blah-blah-blah from OGame:

III Account exchange

Account Exchanges within a single universe must be done with the assistance of a GameOperator.

No complaints will be processed in cases where the players do not change their e-mail addresses after inter universes exchanges or free accounts giveaways. Note that the only complaints considered will be the ones that come from the owner of a given accounts permanent email address.

Once a given account changes its owner, 28 days must pass before it changes ownership again. After a new owner takes over a given account he should change the dynamic e-mail address within the first 12 hours after the account switched owners.

Now what you need to do to fulfill their blah-blah-blah:

***************BEFORE YOU START THIS PROCESS DO TWO THINGS***************

1. If you want to keep your current NICKNAME when you move to the new account change the NICKNAME on your old account. (I wanted to stay Heshtimi once I moved to Braden's account, so I changed HESHTIMI to TRANSFERING. After I did this I could use Heshtimi as my NICKNAME on the new account.)

2. If you want to use your current email address with the new account you need to change it in the old one. (It takes 7 days for the change to be permanent, I don't know if you can use the email for another account before the 7 days are up. *This is a mistake I made when transferring.)


1. From the login screen for click on boards. (it is to the bottom left side of the central picture)

2. Click on "Ticket System" (looks kind of like what I have below) this will open a new window/tab.
Game Rules Game-Help Game Team/Pillory
Ticket System

3. Click on "Contact Support."

4. "What kind of question do you have?" choose "Game".

5. Select Uni22 as the server you play on.

6. Type your current ingame nickname.

7. Type the email that you used to register your current account.

8. Repeat step 7.

9. In the subject line type "Account Exchange"

10. As the description of problem type:

I would like to move to another account.

My current account is NICKNAME (CORDS).

The account I would like to move to is NEW ACCOUNT NICKNAME (CORDS).


11. Wait........You will receive a notice when pokahontas (our GO in Uni22) has read your ticket.

12. pokahontas will then tell you how to proceed. It will sound something like this:

ok.please do not forgot to change mail and password in your new account

Best regards

13. You can now log in to the new account.

14. Once you have logged click on "Options"

14b. If the account is in Vmode, and has been for 3 or more days you can now remove it from Vmode and continue with number 15. If it has not been in Vmode for 3 or more days you will see a date and time when the account can first be taken out of Vmode, and if you see this message you have to wait.

15. If you want to change the NICKNAME type your new NAME in the field.

16. Type the old password, then type your new password (2 times).

17. Now change the email address (Note if your old account has not had its email changed yet you will not be able to use that email address.)

18. Click on "Save Changes"

19. You should now be able to login using the new NICKNAME (if you changed it) and password.

Whew! drunken Any questions?

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Account Exchange
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